My Approach

I work from an eclectic psychotherapeutic perspective, assessing the theoretical approaches which fit best for each client.  Most importantly, I bring intelligence, perceptiveness, humor and humanity to my work.

Theoretical Approaches:

  • I view my client’s concerns and growth using attachment theory, which informs as to how we connect as infants and throughout our life span.
  • Psychodynamic theory helps me to create a sense of how each person’s family related, how patterns grew and became entrenched. While many of us want to hope that we have shaken off the past, it often repeats itself unknowingly in our choices and perspectives.
  • Working through the lens of grief and loss work, I am able to help clients with blocks inside themselves that were established in the face of the overwhelming experience of loss…of others, or of one’s safety as a child.
  • The growth of multiple somatic therapies¬† like sensorimotor and polyvagal theory over the past 15 years has enhanced our ability to understand the important role the body plays in how we function relationally, emotionally, and intellectually.¬† We have been raised in our culture to be able to first think things through, but learning about and using body awareness can help us improve our experiences in all areas of relationship – including our relationship to ourselves.
  • More recently, I have been learning about the work of couples therapist Terrence Real and his current conceptualization of the adaptive relational responses we create as children and how we move between our functional adult and adaptive child.