Availability & Contact Info

**At the current time, I am not accepting new clients**

Reaching out can be an act that takes a big breathe and a bit of courage. 

Here is what to expect:

  1. I will update this page with my current availability.  Should it read that I am not taking new clients, I encourage you to go to Portland Therapy Center or the Psychology Today Therapist Finder for additional names of clinicians in the area.
  2. When a client reaches out to me via email, I will respond in a timely manner and I will ask that you send me with a few specific times over the coming days when we might have a brief 10 minute phone conversation.  I know that phone conversations are considered old fashioned these days, but it is the best way for us to interact so we can both determine if we want to schedule a first appointment.
  3. The best way to reach me is by email, however, if a client reaches out by phone, I will promptly return the call and if I get a voicemail, I will leave a message asking for times when I might call so we can speak.  Most likely, we will play phone tag or switch to email to find that time.
  4. During this initial phone conversation, I will ask you a few basic intake questions, which I ask every potential client.  This call gives you time to ask me any initial questions you might have about my practice or about me.
  5. If your issues are ones which I feel would be served better by a trusted colleague who is trained in a specific area, I will let you know and sometimes will offer referrals.  If you feel as though you aren’t sure about meeting, this gives you a chance to forgo making an appointment.
  6. Should we make a first appointment, the intake process continues when we meet.  We get to meet in person and see if there is a good fit between your issues and my expertise and experience.  In most circumstances, I suggest we each take the first two to three sessions to determine if there is a good fit between us.


Jane Mayer, LCSW
3835 NE Hancock

Suite 201

Portland, Oregon 97212

Phone: 503-334-1672

The best way to reach me is:  janebmayer@yahoo.com