Older Teens

I work with teenagers 16 and up.

Being a teenager takes a lot of courage. So much is changing internally and externally for teenagers, that life can seem both exciting and overwhelming. Having started therapy when I was a teen, I remember and still value the genuine attention and help my first therapist offered me.

My work with teens in somewhat specific, as I work with teens facing grief and loss issues, and teens in need of practical, attuned mentoring.

Illness and Loss: Living with a chronically or terminally ill parent or sibling can alter a teenager’s experience. Losing a parent or sibling or close friend has lasting impact on so many levels. I work with teens who are facing illness themselves, living with illness in the home or have faced the death of loved ones. Working with feelings, thoughts and beliefs, I walk along with teens down this hard, road. Being willing to just sit with the absolute unfairness of all of it is often a good start. From there, we can move onto how to live with loss, how to find meaning in one’s present moment and how to look forward.

Mentoring: As a mentor, I can work with teens as a safe person with whom they can discuss their struggles, triumphs and confusions. Whether in relationships, academic struggles, transition to college issues or in handling the stress of school and relationships, I offer down-to-earth conversations to teens who need to be heard and sometimes partnered with to walk through the new experiences of growing up.