My Approach

I work from an eclectic psychotherapeutic perspective, assessing the theoretical approaches which fit best for each client.  Most importantly, I bring intelligence, perceptiveness, humor and humanity to my work.

Theoretical Approaches:

  • I view my client’s concerns and growth using attachment theory, which informs as to how we connect as infants and throughout our life span.
  • Psychodynamic theory helps me to create a sense of how each person’s family related, how patterns grew and became entrenched. While many of us want to hope that we have shaken off the past, it often repeats itself unknowingly in our choices and perspectives.
  • Working through the lens of grief and loss work, I am able to help clients with blocks inside themselves that were established in the face of the overwhelming experience of loss…of others, or of one’s safety as a child.
  • Buddhist psychology offers frameworks and tools that can help my clients to learn about the stories they formulated in their youth about the world, themselves and their relationships…many of which they are still using, although they are not accurate, helpful or effective in helping them move through life.
  • Mindfulness draws upon the increasing research that finds that being attuned with oneself physically and emotionally can help to steady one’s experience in most aspects of life.
  • Finally, my latest study of sensorimotor, body-based psychotherapy is allowing me to grow in helping understanding the ways in which our bodies take on stress and how to integrate and tend to ourselves in deeper ways.