I help people grow who want to grow in their understanding of themselves and others, in how they experience and work with their feelings, and in helping them assess and recognize their choices.

I help adults strike a balance, between how their childhood and early experiences impacted them and how they participate in their own dissatisfaction as adults. I help people move forward with compassion and accountability towards themselves.

I accompany my clients through transition points in life:

Family relationships: from separating from one’s parents as an adult, adult children from dysfunctional and/or alcoholic families, to challenging in-law relationships and interfaith relationships

Grief over the loss of loved ones, one’s own health or one’s safety as a child, growing beyond life in a dysfunctional family and recovering from relational traumas that disrupt our sense of safety and trust in the world.

Finding intimacy in this seemingly ever-connected time,  with issues including dating, commitment, and how to anticipate and navigate the inevitable changes that happen in long-term relationships

Depression and Anxiety: how to understand how your brain works and how to learn through self-understanding, practical action and awareness to handle your moods.  I work best with clients whose mood disorders impact their functioning from a low to moderate degree.

Navigating Work and the relationships it involves, from employer to co-workers, to future planning and work/life balance

Becoming Parents and moving from partners to parents with your spouse

Parenting from birth and attachment, structure through middle childhood, navigating adolescence, onward to launching young adults

Care giving of others, care giving of oneself and how to avoid and handle burnout and exhaustion

Discovering new directions when life changes are anticipated or occur suddenly

Exploring self, beliefs and meaning-making as life progresses